Did They Ever Go Away? The Fall And Rise Of Uggs Over The Years

Winter means Ugg season for most people, and it totally makes sense because these shoes are super warm and comfortable. However, Uggs are not just all about warmth and comfort; they are also worn as a fashion statement. It might surprise Gen-Z now, but Uggs were seen as ‘ugly shoes’ before their time. They recently became popularly accepted and loved again. This article will highlight the rise and fall of these footwear.

They were initially ubiquitous

Ugg boots were a major highlight of the 2000s and the shoe to have. Celebrities like Paris Hilton and Kate Hudson rocked the boots, further popularizing them. From students to moms, everyone was wearing Ugg boots.

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The main reason behind the acceptance and love for Ugg boots at that time was that they were easily styled. People could easily wear their comfy boots with cargo pants, mini denim skirts, Juicy sweatsuits, or baby tees. 

A decade later, the fashion scene was no longer the same

Since each decade brings its unique fashion, 2010 brought a shift away from the cargo pants and baby tees of the 2000s. This made Ugg boots a bit ‘obsolete’ since they didn’t fit the current trends.

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However, these boots weren’t completely wiped out; they went from everyday shoes to ones worn solely for comfort and warmth. Although celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker rocked them, Uggs became more of a winter-specific footwear.

They came back but for different people

From 2010 to 2015, Ugg boots were not seen as fashionable. However, there was a memorable revival in the mid-2010s. Ugg boots were made in children’s sizes and bright colors; the mini Uggs were so cute!

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Of course, every kid was begging their mom to buy them a pair of the mini pink Uggs. You wouldn’t enter a middle or high school class without spotting sparkly mini Uggs. While parents didn’t wear them out much, kids wore them everywhere!

Guys tested the waters

Although mini Uggs were popular in the mid-2010s, adults still saw them as tacky and basic. By 2015, most women no longer wore Uggs; nobody was sure enough to try them again. Well, boys had the nerves.

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Teenage guys began to style Uggs in unique ways, effectively bringing back the footwear trend in 2016. Jayden Smith popularly styled his Uggs with black and gold striped jeans and Beats headphones.

A full comeback: Long overdue, if you ask us

From kids to boys, Uggs had been making partial comebacks in the 2010s. So it wasn’t surprising that more modern cuts and styles of Uggs became popular in 2020. Celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner have been spotted rocking the footwear.

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Social media, especially TikTok, has played a major role in popularizing the brand and shoe. Influencers have been wearing stylish, just-above-the-ankle boots, making people recreate the look in recent years. We can say Uggs aren’t going anywhere soon.

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