From Frosted Lipstick To Smokey Eyes, These Are The Makeup Trends That Will Be Everywhere This Season

Runways are true indicators that bold makeup is officially back! Layers upon layers of liner, blush, and shadow will define this new season. However, there are also trends for those who prefer something more subtle. From Y2K-inspired makeup (frosted lipstick will be your new go-to) to tons of blush, there are a few popular looks that you will definitely want to try. Scroll down to discover the cosmetics trends you will see all over your feed, and make sure you stock up on the right products!


What exactly is underpainting? This makeup technique involves applying your face makeup (such as contour, blush, and concealer) first, beneath your foundation. Pro makeup artists are loving this method because it uses a lot less product than doing each step the traditional way.

Photo: Instagram

Model and influencer Hailey Rhode Bieber, who has appeared in major advertisements for Guess, Ralph Lauren, and Tommy Hilfiger, has recently adopted this look, which seems subtle but highlights her cheekbones.

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