From Matrix to Clueless: These Iconic Movies Inspired New Fashion Trends

What is your favorite movie? It does not matter if you prefer action films, science fiction, or even romantic comedies, you probably agree that the films we love shape our way of seeing the world. As some say, “life imitates art,” and fashion is no exception. Like most pop-culture items, movies have influenced different fashion trends. Over the years, hundreds of movies have made their way from the big screen to clothing stores and even fashion shows. These are some of the most relevant examples we can still see in fashion today!

That old-school futuristic look

If you wonder what it would be like to mix Edwardian fashion with a dystopian world, let us introduce you to Cyberpunk! This trend tries to look at a computer-dominated future through the eyes of the past, and this movie was one of the biggest exponents.

Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures (Screenshot)

Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner is a classic, and it is also a pioneer of the Cyberpunk trend in sci-fi. To create its iconic retro-futuristic aesthetic, art deco was a major inspiration but combined with new fabrics, modern accessories, and eccentric hairstyles.

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