Look Like a Million Bucks With $20 in The Bank: These Tips Will Help You Elevate Your Style

While we don’t recommend spending all your money on enhancing your appearance, looking stylish and elegant is essential. So how do you balance the two? Budget-friendly fashion is your best bet! From how you hunt for sales to your clothing combinations, there are many ways you can look stylish without hurting your budget. Read on to discover the top 5 budget-friendly fashion tips.

Make your shape more prominent

Looking chic implies making a statement– hiding under loose clothes or dark colors doesn’t enhance your style or body. Nothing exudes confidence more than flaunting your body shape in a fitting garment. The key is wearing comfortable and fitted clothes.

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We suggest wearing clothes that accentuate your curves instead of clothes that hide them. Similarly, ditch black pants for colored, figure-fitting pants– they don’t have to be expensive. However, wearing tight clothes takes away all the elegance. Chic garments should be fitting, not tight.

How do you hunt for sales?

Sales hunting allows you to buy high-end items you might not be able to afford on a normal day. Sales are windows everyone looks out for. But did you know some sales offer more significant bounties than others?

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The end of the year and summer sales are the most promising. Why? These periods mark the end of a season- a time when retailers are desperate to get rid of their wares. They are the surest times to get fashion treasures.

Pre-owned fashion is still fashion

Another option guaranteed to give you more for less is shopping vintage or pre-owned. Pre-owned clothes, bags, or shoes are not ‘old.’ They look timeless and chic; your friends will never know they are not new if you don’t tell them.

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Look out for reputable sites that sell luxury pre-owned items. These pre-owned luxury items are not damaged or worn out; they are designer items whose original owners have used them briefly. Imagine getting black Stuart Weitzman sandals for $180 instead of $500!

Look effortless from within

Your cashmere tops and leather pants won’t look as chic when combined with bunchy underwear. Wearing the wrong type of panties makes your pants look cheap, just as the wrong bra size makes your dress look tacky.

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Always wear comfortable underwear that creates a smooth silhouette beneath your fitted dresses or pants. The good thing is that they are affordable; you can get stylish panties for about $20 (the same goes for a well-fitting bra).

Never underestimate these accessories

People often notice your shoes before anything else, so three original shoes are better than six fake ones. Your shoes are the ‘sole’ of your appearance, pun intended. Leather boots are versatile; you could also consider affordable handmade shoes.

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Aside from your shoe, your purse comes next. To save your money, focus on long-lasting bags and purses instead of loud logos. Purses make fashion statements and add elegance to whatever you’re wearing. We recommend buying versatile types that go with different looks.

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