Spring Makeup Forecast: Discover the Beauty Trends We’ll All Be Following for the Next Few Months

2024 isn’t a new year anymore- as we bid farewell to winter, we’re looking forward to the beauty trends of spring. This year’s spring makeup trends feature the reinvention of old trends and dabbling into some fresh styles. So, whether you’re the conservative type or like to go all out, there’s something for everyone. Which trend are trying?

Girlish Vibes

We’re still in the aftermath of Barbiecore, even though it happened Summer 2023. This spring, however, we’ll continue to see makeup looks giving girlish vibes– like a Barbiecore extension.

Courtesy: InStyle

By girlish vibes, we’re talking about coquette makeup, from doll-like lashes and pink-lined eyes to glossy bitten lips and rosy cheeks. The whole idea is to appear flirty and, of course, girly.

Peachy Blush

Blush application isn’t a new makeup concept; however, there will be a slight reinvention this Spring. Peachy, warm, blush colors will be prominent in the coming season.

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These peachy blush colors will be applied generously to the apples of the cheeks and then blended out over a larger area of the face. To complete the warm glow, you could also add blush touches to your nose, forehead, lips, and lids.

Glossy Lips

Although lip gloss has always been a staple product, it has always been considered a ‘casual makeup’ item. However, come Spring, these glosses are getting a major upgrade.

Courtesy: OFRA Comestics

Since lips have been predicted to take center stage in this year’s fashion, it only makes sense that glossy lips will reign supreme in 2024. From tinted lip glosses to clear, we’ll all be sporting glossy lips in spring.

Charming Eyes

Aside from lips, eyes will also be taking center stage in this year’s makeup trends- and this spring season is the beginning. Bold eye makeup with the incorporation of eye shadow will be popular.

Courtesy: Facebook

From effortless looks with matte cream shadows to daring looks with bright liners and even rhinestones, eye makeup will allow people to express their individuality. You could also go the extra mile with a winged liner.

Flawless Skin

Instead of the common practice of covering one’s skin tone with makeup, there will be a shift towards showing off real skin colors in this year’s spring. This is a huge development for underrepresented skin tones.

Courtesy: Crystalclearskinandbeauty.com 

Skin products that treat and enhance the skin while doubling as makeup products will be popular. With more natural-looking makeup, people will embrace their natural skin and show off their uniqueness.

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