Timeless Style: The Fashion Industry Can’t Forget These Iconic Personalities

These days, celebrities dress up and take pictures to share on social media. Decades ago, iconic fashion personalities didn’t have that luxury. But we still remember their fashion today, meaning they left a mark that can’t be erased. These icons had different fashion signatures that made them stand out. We’ll discuss 5 of these unforgettable fashion icons.

Her ‘less is more’ fashion stood out

Some could argue that Audrey Hepburn is the reason for fashion’s obsession with the Little Black Dress. Hers is one of the most iconic ‘Old Hollywood’ photos out there. Rather than wearing magnificent dresses, she stood out with her simple black dress.

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Her most memorable look remains the “Holly Golightly” look in 1961. The simple Givenchy column gown, 3-strand pearl necklace, large tortoiseshell sunglasses, sleek updo, diamond earrings, and long cigarette holder will forever be known as an Audrey Hepburn-inspired look! 

If ‘royal and sophisticated’ were a person…

Princess Diana was largely photographed in ’80s-style garments at the start of her royal tenure. However, the trendsetter soon discarded dresses synonymous with traditional aristocratic attire, trading the garish garments for much sexier silhouettes like Versace dresses and Dior accessories. 

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Remembered for its sultry air, the black plunging Christina Stambolian dress is one of Princess Diana’s most iconic looks. She used fashion as an extension of her personality; every single outfit was evocative of the warmth and charisma she possessed.

One of the best 70’s fashion highlights

Jackie Kennedy’s fashion had always been one-of-a-kind. Though it’s her polished presidential look that has been immortalized in our wardrobes, her ’70s attire is what captivates us. Soon after marrying ship tycoon Aristotle Onassis, the public began to see a free-flowing approach to fashion.

Courtesy: NYTimes

We can’t ever forget Gucci’s classic Jackie bag. The luxury purse was named after her when she used it to shield her face from paparazzi. Her signature pillbox hat and Chanel suits are also unforgettable. She rebirthed nonchalant, happy fashion.

We could call her the queen of progressive fashion

Victoria Beckham has always been ahead in the fashion game. Her outfits are usually in line with her personality. However, what we admire the most is Victoria’s ability to move forward as time and trends progress. Her fashion stride is fast.

Courtesy: Pinterest

We can’t forget the black mini dress and platform sandals she rocked at the peak of her Posh times. Although in her late forties, Victoria Beckham isn’t done serving us fashion wears that will probably outlive her- we can’t wait either.

A walk through the 60’s fashion can’t exclude her

Twiggy was one of the fashion icons that shaped the 60’s fashion. As the face of Mary Quant mini skirt and mod style, Twiggy’s impact on fashion lived through decades. She wasn’t just a model but also a singer and actor.

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We particularly loved the way she accentuated her features by using silhouettes. Her long legs add to her overall charm as a magazine star. Twiggy’s fashion style was both powerful and confident. She didn’t need extra to look her best.

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