We’re Still Not Over the Looks From the Barbie Movie: These Are Our Favorites

After months of teaser trailers, we couldn’t wait to see Greta Gerwig’s feminist take on the iconic doll’s story, starring Margot Robbie in the titular role. From what we’ve seen on Instagram before the movie made it to cinemas, the London-based costume designer, Jaqueline Durran, has had quite the blast creating the outfits for the film. We’ve compiled five of our favorites!

Barbie’s Signature Gingham Dress

Can we imagine a Barbie movie without her pretty gingham dress? Apparently not. The belted dress screams ‘retro’ with the 1950s-inspired A-line skirt and buckle with pearl adornments.

Courtesy: Pinterest

This exquisite frock on the high street is too good to recover from. If you’re a Barbie lover like us, you may want to get some lookalikes online. Pair with pink accessories, pumps, or cut-out heels for complete Barbie glamor.

Who doesn’t love Disco Barbie?

After a long and tiring day in Barbie Land, Barbie lets her hair down to party with other Barbies. While it’s a beautiful scene, we only had eyes for her disco outfit. With a bespoke song and a planned choreography, the outfit shines bright.

Courtesy: Pinterest

The sequined jumpsuit and metallic platform heels are worth recreating on a night out. The good news is that you don’t have to wear Barbie’s platforms. Your metallic sandals will do just fine. The flared legs make the outfit flattering on almost any body size.

Cowgirl Barbie Speaks to Our Western Era

We had our fingers crossed since we saw the BTS of Margot Robbie rocking a hot pink cowgirl outfit in 2022. Now that we’ve seen cowgirl Barbie in the movie, we’ll say ‘classy and legendary’ is an understatement. It’s iconic!

Courtesy: Pinterest

In the film, Barbie rocks 1970s flared trousers, a halterneck waistcoat, and a cute bandana necktie. The accessories are just as iconic; the western hat and cowboy boots complete the cowgirl Barbie look.

We were expecting Missoma Barbie already!

It’s no secret jewelry label, Missoma, is a firm favorite of actress Margot Robbie. Over the years, the star has been spotted in the brand’s pretty gold necklaces numerous times, whether she’s strutting the red carpet or hitting the beach for a surfing session.

So it made total sense for her character to be a big Missoma fan, too. The amazing thing is that you can get your hands on the heart necklace that Barbie wears in the film! Is there a better way to be a Barbie?

Badass Barbie in a Boiler Suit

Although Barbie is mainly known for her feminine looks, she shows us that she also means business. In the film, we see Barbie in a utilitarian one-piece, making her look sophisticated and businesslike.

Courtesy: Pinterest

If the cowboy look doesn’t appeal to your fashion sense, opt for Barbie’s oversized boiler suit instead. You can pair your boiler suit or jumpsuit with a pair of classy glasses.

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