2000s Style Don’ts That No One Will Miss

Fashion is undoubtedly tricky; even a super cool trend can have disastrous results. Trends change incredibly quickly. One minute an outfit is trending all over magazine covers and selling like hotcakes; the next, it is being mocked on fashion websites. We have lived enough to see some pretty bad looks on the red carpet, runways, and everyday life that definitely belong in the “don’ts” hall of fame. Scroll to see some of the most cringeworthy fashion disasters from the 2000s! You might have worn something similar to one of these back in the day.

Tights as pants

When we were around 17, we used to watch our favorite TV series of all time, Gossip Girl. We loved Blair Waldorf. After all, “Queen B” had a wardrobe worthy of the title. Her outfits were a mix of classic and sophisticated pieces that any fashionista would envy.

Photo: Fairchild Archive

Blair’s fashion sense turned heads, whether it was in vintage sailor dresses for everyday wear, couture gowns for prom, or a slew of stunning overcoats from top designers. So, as she would say, “tights are not pants,” and that is not even a controversy.

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