How To Dress “Old Money” Like Sofia Richie and Other Iconic Wealthy Women

Ever since Sofia Richie stepped out in head-to-toe Chanel for her wedding weekend look in April, women everywhere have been scrambling for white vests and tweed ballet flats. The 24-year-old inspired a new trend of classical and quiet luxury dressing – Old Money Aesthetic. Staples of the ‘old money look’ include linens, polos, “quiet luxury” designer items like Chanel and Polo, and tailored items. Want to dress rich like Richie or royal like the late icon Princess Diana? Here are five essential items you need.

White Linen

Before she tied the knot, Sofia Richie greeted guests in a white linen skirt, white tailored vest, and effortless pony tail. Part of old money aesthetic is wearing neutrals and keeping things monochrome.

Photo Courtesy: Instagram and Reformation

You don’t have to marry a millionaire to achieve this look. Recreate Mrs. Grainge’s outfit with white on white pieces. A white linen skirt, dress, or pants will do. Slick your hair back in a ponytail and throw on gold hoops to complete the outfit.

Striped Button Down Shirt

Princess Diana was known for sporting a crisp button down while off-duty. This style top screams quiet luxury. Her wardrobe of quality basics made her relatable and envied by fashionistas.

Photo Courtesy: Who What Wear and Shopbop

A button down is a staple piece in your wealthy-looking wardrobe. Wear a striped one over a bikini in the summer and pair a plain white one with jeans and heeled boots for the fall.

Black Midi Dress

Upgrade your little black dress to a midi-length one. Black dresses are timeless pieces and can be dressed up or down. To maintain the old money aesthetic, avoid anything with cut-outs, high slits, and low necklines.

Photo Courtesy: Instagram and Free People

A knit midi dress or skirt can elevate any outfit. Worn with a simple white tank and strappy sandals, you will look like you just inherited a fortune. Have fun with accessories by adding a pop of color necklace.

Ballet Flats

Hi, it’s 2010, they want their shoes back. If you haven’t seen it all over your Pinterest page or on your favorite influencer, ballet flats have made a comeback. Richie wore Chanel ones during her wedding weekend, but she’s not the only one donning the shoe.

Photo Courtesy: Who What Wear and Nordstrom

Celebs have opted for the flat again because they are comfortable and go with everything. You don’t need Chanel flats, but a good pair of black leather or pop of color pink ones will elevate any outfit. Pair with jeans and a white tank for a sophisticated look.

Oval Sunglasses

If you want to look like old money, you have to do so subtly. Big logos and oversized accessories will not work. Ditch your giant sunglasses and opt for an oval pair.

Photo Courtesy: Instagram and Shopbop

Choose a neutral color like white, tortoise, or black. These look great on most face shapes and are perfect for beach days, boat rides, and shopping. There are many affordable pairs that look effortlessly chic and luxurious.

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