5 Beauty Trends We’re Anticipating Will Be Viral in 2024

Of course, just like every other year, 2023 brought us new fashion and beauty trends. From latte makeup to almond nails, we embraced what TikTok, celebrities, and the makeup industry told us what was hot for the year. Well, as we welcome 2024, we’ll drop some trends and replace them with others. From social media to top experts in different beauty fields, we’ve gathered the trends to expect in 2024. Let’s get into it!

Babylights: Making a reentrance

Adding more color to hair noticeably elevates one’s overall appearance. However, the stress of regular maintenance can make it a chore you’d rather avoid. This makes the popular chunky highlights too expensive, so we’re saying goodbye to them.

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In 2024, baby lights will make a glorious reentrance. It is a more sustainable process because it involves highlighting hair in tones that are closer to your hair color. You’ll get a more natural look and have less upkeep stress.

Glossy Nails: Reining for another year

Matte nails are chic, but they are not so dynamic. It is hard to incorporate designs in the flat-looking polish; it’s either they are plain or in ombre designs. However, you’ll be excited for the trending colors at your nail salon in 2024.

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Glossy nails have been around for a while, and we’ll see them a lot more in the coming year. From mini sculptures to creative raised designs, glossy 3D nail art offers more brilliant designs in the coming year. We can’t wait to experiment!

Barbiecore: Turning down the volume

Barbiecore was one of the biggest fashion trends in the second half of 2023, thanks to the release of “Barbie.” The hot pink shades we saw all summer are sweet but aren’t bold enough for the coming year.

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In 2024, Tomato Girl makeup will replace Barbiecore. There will be more bold red colors, from red lipsticks to eyeliners. Darker and more vibrant shades of red will take center stage in the makeup world in the coming year.

Bouncy Blowouts: The more carefree way

Intricate updos and slicked-back buns were very common during Summer 2023. While these intricate buns make you look like an influencer or ballerina, they also increase the risk of hair breakage.

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Bouncy blowouts are a better alternative to tight buns as they require less styling. From layered, upswept hair to tousled bobs, these blowouts shift towards more natural textures. They’re low-maintenance and quick to do with a heated round brush or blowdryer.

Color-blocked nails: Moving forward from checkered nails

Aside from plain-colored nails, different nail styles combine colors creatively. Checkered nails are one of those trendy yet retro styles that were so popular in 2023. Well, they are about to be a thing of the past.

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In the coming year, color blocked nails will replace checkered nails. Color blocked nails are a fun way to incorporate some brilliant colors into your manicure. You could wear them as French tips or full nail designs in any color you want.

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