Slaying In The Heat Wave: How To Dress Hot In The Hot Weather

The mercury in this part of the world has again risen to unprecedented temperatures this summer. A common question on everyone’s minds is: how do you dress for a heatwave? While you might feel inclined to walk around in nothing but a swimsuit, it’s not practical. That’s why we’ve come up with the five best ways to look chic and cool at the same time.

Scrap instant steaming

The idea of steaming linen in a hot house and then putting that warm fabric onto your body sounds like a nightmare. While you may not want to go out with a creased linen shirt, there is a better way to do it.

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If you have enough time to prepare (like, a whole day in advance), you should steam your linen the night before. With the window open as a gentle evening breeze blows through your house, the process will be comfortable and effortless.

Your colors matter

When it comes to sweat stains, there are precautions you can take to mask them. While you might feel inclined to dress like Joseph in his rainbow dream coat, it doesn’t bode well in a heat wave. 

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Some colors are more forgiving than others. Lighter shades like pastel blue, pale pink, or light grey will show those underarm and back stains more obviously, while black, navy, and white are safer options if you prefer to conceal the evidence. 

Cotton shorts over denim shorts

We know you love your jorts, however, when it hits 30 degrees, you may want to resist putting them on. The discomfort they will bring might turn a short walk into a run through hell.

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It might seem like a good idea, but in really hot weather, the tight waistband and thick denim fabric will clad your body, feeling like you’ve wrapped yourself in a heated blanket. Opt for loose-fitting shorts in cotton or invest in a tailored linen pair. 

Loose pants are trendy and cooling

Loose pants are always a solid option for hot summer days to look put-together. Make a fashion statement with loose or wide pants by pairing them with a simple tank or blouse.

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Although you may not have to put away your leggings just yet, it might be wise to swap them out since a wider cut will let your legs breathe. Play with menswear-inspired tailoring and prints like pinstripe (cotton, though) for a classic approach.

Always keep it breezy

In hot weather fashion, keeping it breezy is the goal. Form-fitting or clingy wear will make you hotter, so put that bodycon dress back in the closet for now. Trapeze maxis, tiered dresses, and A-line skirts should become your best friend.

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For a picnic with friends, you can always pair a cotton playsuit with leather sandals for a relaxed yet dope look. Alternatively, you can pair cotton shorts with an exaggerated shoulder T-shirt and sneakers for a fresh look. Just stay away from fitted clothes.

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