Age Is Just a Number: Vera Wang’s Secrets to Looking SO Young

Vera Wang is a world-renowned designer that doesn’t need an introduction. However, aside from the masterpieces that she designs, her radiant skin and youthful body are also admirable and making headlines. At the age of 74, Vera Wang would still give a regular 60-year-old lady a run for their money. You wouldn’t blame us for wanting to find out what makes her look. Here are her secrets!

For Vera Wang, it’s all about perspective

Why do we splurge on anti-aging serums and overpriced workouts? The answer would probably be that we want to avoid looking older and maintaining a youthful appearance. For Vera though, the whole purpose of caring for her body isn’t to avoid signs of aging.

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For Vera Wang, the focus is on avoiding physical disabilities instead of wanting to look young. Of course, we can all attest to the fact that she looks so much younger than her age. Her motivation for caring for her body is preventing disabilities.

The major secret—definitely not what you’re expecting

Most of us think living a laid-back life is the key to staying healthy and looking young. We all fantasize about moving to a Caribbean island without having to leave there for work; we imagine how radiant our skin would feel.

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Well, Vera’s secret for her youthful body isn’t all about rest. The biggest contributor to her youthfulness is her productive life. As someone who has worked for most of her life, her ‘always active’ lifestyle helps her stay youthful.

She doesn’t forget to indulge herself

All work, no play makes Jack a dull boy. So, of course, Vera Wang isn’t all about work. She also has her ways of spoiling herself- the key is that she doesn’t take it to the extent of being unhealthy.

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It might surprise you to know that the famous designer indulges in snacks from McDonald’s and even sugar-coated donuts from Dunkin Donuts. This reminds us that snacks are also healthy- she is proof of that.

She never wrote off the ‘old ways’

While it’s true that Vera eats snacks every day and also has other unconventional beauty techniques, she also follows the basic tips that we all know. She knows the importance of exercise and leverages it.

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She regularly engages in cycling, but she enjoys golfing more because it doesn’t involve going out around the neighborhood. She also lifts weights– as long as they are not heavier than 3 pounds.

Protecting her body is essential

As a designer, Vera Wang has to look at various pictures on her phone and other devices. However, the light rays from these devices can damage the eyes. That’s why she uses anti-glare glasses to protect her eyes.

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Also, she’s wary of the products she uses on her skin because of her many allergies. Instead of chemical-based products, she uses baby oil in the bathtub to moisturize and soothe her skin.

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