Are Celebrity Fashion Brands Worth The Hype? These Lines Are Editor Approved

It’s not a new occurrence for celebrities to delve into businesses like skincare, haircare, food, and clothing. We’re often skeptical about celebrity-owned clothing lines; we wonder if the celeb is actively crafting the brand’s clothing or just putting their name on the label. Well, some celeb-owned fashion brands are worth every penny. Here are five of the surprisingly excellent clothing lines you can shop.

Ivy Park

Beyonce is a talented artist and performer, so it’s no surprise that Ivy Park is a force to reckon with. In case you were wondering, Beyonce owns Ivy Park. Her sportswear brand is in partnership with Adidas. 

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The clothing line incorporates Queen Bey’s confident and powerful style, from sweats and latex bodysuits to sports bras and hoodies. Comfort is one of the many good things about the eye-catching pieces at Ivy Park. Furthermore, the fashion brand is surprisingly affordable.

Drew House

Since its launch in 2020, Drew House has remained a top streetwear brand. Drew House shares its owner, Justin Bieber’s, middle name. The musician is rarely seen in anything except his comfy streetwear. So, the brand’s pieces aren’t surprising.

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Drew House offers durable, playful streetwear, always adorned with the famous smiley face logo. The interesting thing is that the pieces are co-designed by the star himself. Drew House is known for colorful streetwear with smiley faces, from super comfy trousers to sweaters.

Good American

In 2016, Emma Grede and Khloé Kardashian launched the denim line Good American. The duo made more than $1 million on the first day of sales alone- although many made purchases due to their loyalty as fans, many others patronized the brand for their high-quality clothing.

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With the slogan, ‘Made for women, by women,’ Good American offers clothing in various body shapes and sizes. The clothing line has recently incorporated activewear, shoes, and swimwear. The brand has something for every body size.

Savage X Fenty

Savage x Fenty is one of the most famous celebrity-owned clothing lines. Owned by Rihanna, the lingerie brand’s main attraction is its general inclusivity and high quality. The brand shows the celebrity’s versatility with a wide array of products.

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Savage x Fenty runs a yearly runway show to showcase new offers and trends. The brand isn’t just about lingerie. It also offers loungewear, menswear, corsets, everyday underwear, and sleepwear. There is always something attractive for you to buy.

Inamorata Swim

The peculiar name translates to ‘in love’ in Italian. Created by Emily Ratajkowski in 2019, the swimwear brand has become very popular. Each stringy swimsuit incorporates Emily’s empowered style, making it the favorite of many ladies.

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Celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian are fans of the brand’s pieces. Similarly, in the second season of the show “Euphoria,” the fictional Maddy Perez rocked an Inamorata two-piece. Recently, the swimwear line added accessories to the products it offers shoppers.

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