Fashion Plus Protection: These Summer Hats Don’t Just Protect You From the Sun, They Spice up Your Ensemble

You don’t need to be a skincare specialist to know that long exposure to sun isn’t good for the skin. Even after applying sunscreen, you still need to cover as much skin as possible if you’ll spend time outdoors. Would it be a bad idea to look stylish while protecting your face from those harmful rays? Of course not! Here are five stylish hats that serve both purposes well.

Pineapple & Star Straw Fedora Beach Hat UPF50+

Gone are those days when women couldn’t enter the fedora territory. Today, women rock fedora hats because they are suited to most face shapes. This fedora hat isn’t just about being flattering; it also protects the face.


Constructed in a paper straw and poly blend, this fedora beach hat covers the face from the sun’s rays. We also love its detachable chin cord and an inner adjustable band; the UPF 50+ factor is another plus. This beach hat costs around $35 on Amazon. 

Furtalk Wide-Brim Sun Hat 

This hat is a sure bet if you’re traveling on a boat or cruise. This sun hat has a drawstring that can be used to keep it in place on windy days. It also features adjustable sizing.


The Furwalk sun hat has UPF 50+ and is easily packable. Aside from the function, you could wear the hat on a sundress for a stylish, fresh girl look. The Furtalk Wide-Brim sun hat costs about $36 at Amazon.

Free People Shoreline Bucket Hat

Bucket hats are generally known to be protective, but this goes all the way. The hat’s wide brim covers the hair, face, and neck. It’s no surprise it’s been touted as the best bucket hat ever.

Courtesy: Free People

The hat is made from 100% sturdy cotton and features removable ties and a slouchy silhouette, making it an excellent beach hat. You can wear this hat with almost anything and still look chic. This hat costs $38 at Free People.

Nordstrom Packable Straw Visor

Since sun hats are all about holding the hair and covering the face from harmful sun rays, visors are a great option. This packable straw visor is your best bet, especially if you don’t fancy drawstrings and adjustment cords. 


This straw visor adds a sporty vibe to your look, so you can wear it over your nautical-inspired bathing suit for a beach look. You could also wear it over your regular jeans and tennis. The Nordstrom Packable Straw Visor costs $29 at Nordstrom. 

Madewell Small Lot Wide-Brim Canvas Hat

Canvas hats are also great options for face coverage on sunny days. However, this hat isn’t just your regular canvas hat. This hat is made by a brand known for making sustainable, vegan accessories; therefore, it was also made from sustainable products.

Courtesy: Madewell

The Madewell Small Lot Wide-Brim canvas hat is handmade with undyed cotton canvas. This hat has a wide-brim, full lining, and beautiful shape, and can be worn over a simple dress or jeans and top. The canvas hat costs $69 at Madewell.

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