Christmas Dinner Is A Festive Fashion Show: How To Look Cute And Also Feel Comfy

While it’s true that the Christmas period is for enjoyment, it’s also a time of stressful planning. Well, you’re already planning the Christmas dinner (or brunch) and other things, so your outfit shouldn’t give you more headaches. That’s why we’ve scoured the internet for the easiest ways to look chic without compromising comfort. With these five tips, you’ll look and feel good!

Take your look up a notch with this all-time winner

Although different dresses upgrade your look magically, slip dresses are an all-time favorite. The sleek and effortless allure of the slip dress remains unmatched- you can dress it up or down easily.

Courtesy: Stage 9 Secrets

You could wear a warm coat over a champagne-colored slip dress for Christmas dinner or simply place it over your shoulders. With simple makeup and a pair of heeled sandals, even your aunts will be fawning over you. As for comfort, it’s a hundred!

Even ‘casual’ doesn’t have to be plain

The pressure to impress others is significantly lesser when it’s just you and four family members celebrating Christmas at your home. However, this doesn’t mean your look shouldn’t reflect the festive mood.

Courtesy: College Fashion

You could wear a T-shirt and jeans for a cozy Christmas dinner. To make it classier, incorporate a leather shirt and simple boots. We also recommend boyfriend jeans instead of fitted jeans- to ensure total comfort.

Combine warmth and fashion

Fashion enthusiasts agree that sweater dresses are a top choice when it comes to winter fashion. Sweater dresses offer maximum comfort from the cold weather- without ruling style out.

Courtesy: SilkFred

You could rock a red or green sweater dress to stay warm and also bring in the Christmas vibe. You could wear a pair of black leggings underneath– just make sure the waistband isn’t too tight so it doesn’t restrict your eating!

These versatile skirts are a favorite

Skirts are generally comfortable for Christmas dinners because you can easily pair them with sweaters, jackets, or T-shirts. Well, we’re talking about pleated midi skirts in particular.

Courtesy: Pinterest

You could wear a metallic pleated skirt for a bolder look or a black skirt for a simpler look. Pair your pleated midi skirt with a cute sweater– it’s the ultimate combination of comfort and chic style.

Make a statement with these accessories

Of course, Christmas dinner is not the occasion to adorn yourself with your complete jewelry set. But at the same time, one or two pieces can create that simple, classy look. Just wear those statement diamond earrings with your simple outfit for a chic look.

Courtesy: Dean’s Jewelry

Aside from jewelry, your shoes also play a major role in elevating your holiday. While you don’t want to wear your stiletto heels (since you’ll be moving around a lot), you could rock a pair of low heels or classy boots to enhance your outfit.

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