Iconic Movie Outfits: These Original Mean Girls Outfits Are So Fetch

We remember old movies by many things, from famously creative or cheesy lines to picturesque locations. Well, as for Mean Girls, the iconic outfits are simply unforgettable. Even 20 years after the movie’s release, the 2000s fashion trends highlighted by the actors are still legendary today. This article is dedicated to the most iconic outfits from the Mean Girls movie.

Mrs. George’s Cool Mom Outfit

If you saw the original Mean Girls movie in 2004, you know that Regina’s mom, Mrs. George, was anything but a regular mom. The pink outfit she rocked when the Plastics met her after shopping is truly iconic.

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She wore a pink Juicy Couture sweatsuit with a lace-decorated white tank top under it. Of course, not many moms wore all-pink outfits, so her outfit had an age-inappropriate theme. The outfit fit into the Plastics’ Pink Wednesday rule. This tracksuit look is even recreated in pop culture references and as Halloween costumes.

Regina’s Cutout Tank and Purple Bra

Regina George had some guts in the movie- and this outfit showed just how badass she was. After Janis cut up her shirt and made two holes in it, Regina decided to wear it anyway.

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With her purple bra showing through the holes, Regina paired the shirt with a black miniskirt and black pumps. Although it’s not a trend to follow on a normal day, people have rocked the outfit for Halloween.

Cady’s ‘ex-wife’ Halloween Costume

While other Plastics wore sexy Halloween costumes, Cady went to the ‘scary extreme.’ Her famous Halloween outfit was just too scary to be forgotten.

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She dressed as a zombie ex-wife with a blood-splattered wedding gown and a long black wig. The scary set of teeth was also a prominent feature of her costume- of course, it’s still a popular Halloween costume today.

Janis Ian’s grunge look

Janis was the opposite of the Plastics, especially when it came to clothes. While the Plastics dressed in a feminine fashion that screamed “2000 fashion”, Janis had an artsy grunge style.

Courtesy: Instagram

Her iconic grunge look consists of a long-sleeved tee shirt with ‘Rubbish’ printed on it, a black skirt, stripped leggings, and high-top sneakers. Her oversized outfits have even become more popular these days with the reawakening of grunge fashion.

Gretchen’s Miniskirt and “royal punk” Tee

Gretchen was the queen of posh style in the movie- and most of her outfits proved that. However, one of her outfits stands out for capturing the almost-provocative style of the late 1900s.

Courtesy: Fruk

We can’t forget when she rocked a red ‘royal punk’ slogan tee with a belted Burberry pleated miniskirt. The tee shirt was tied at the back, showing off some midriff and giving the outfit a form of edge.

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