Stylish Paris Streetwear: Looking Chic Like A Parisian Model Has Never Been Easier

Paris Fashion Week has shown us several eye-catching styles, as usual. There were sophisticated dresses in different eye-catching colors and other chic clothing pieces that people started rocking on the streets of Paris. Paris has always been a place to see different fashion styles- and we’ve spotted many classy outfits. Here are five of the dopest Parisian outfits and how to recreate them.

It’s Time to Flaunt Your Waist

In the past seasons, people have rocked different types of skirts, from oversized silhouettes to midi skirts. However, this season, the style pioneers of Paris have shifted in another interesting direction– we’re talking cinched waists!

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A-line skirts are resurfacing on the streets of Paris; waist-cinching ones, to be precise. These A-line skirts are so easy to dress up or down. You could pair them with a button-down shirt for a more serious look or with a plain tee for a casual look.

The ‘Less is More’ Style Isn’t Going Anywhere

We’ve seen celebrities and supermodels wearing sophisticated clothing and makeup while incorporating modern minimalism. Well, this seems to be what everyone is doing this season: trust Parisians to take the trend to more stylish heights.

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Modern minimalism isn’t as complex as many think. With fashionable bags, trench coats, heels, and other clothing pieces that are simple but stylish, you can easily sport a modern minimalist look. The key is restraining yourself from dressing ‘loud’ from head to toe.

We’re Far From Being Tired of This Color

You already know what color we’re referring to, no? When you think of fall outfits, red is always the color that comes to mind. Well, fashion icons are unapologetically rocking fiery red in Paris- from corporate to streetwear.

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Since fiery red is the season’s color, we don’t find it surprising that it’s taking center stage in a fashion capital like Paris. You could pair fiery red pants with a white tee for a laid-back hangout or wear a fiery red blazer for a power look.

Who Knew Classic Could Be This Classy?

Paris has never disappointed us when it comes to bringing back classic materials and pieces. This time, one material that has found its way into Parisian streetwear is patent leather- and they couldn’t get any more classy!

Courtesy: Revolve

We love the fact that you can decide to wear patent leather pieces anyhow you like- as slingback pumps, trench coats, skirts, or even pants. You’d look like a Parisian model with a patent leather trench coat worn over a fitted knee-length dress and heels.

Sweaters: Not the Plain Style You Know

Even in the winter, you’ll agree that sweaters don’t make that much of a fashion statement. Interestingly, Parisians have shown us this season that sweaters can be more stylish than we know them to be.

Courtesy: Ivy League Style

Instead of wearing the cardigan over the head in the conventional way, Parsians now drape it over the shoulders and tie the sleeves in a knot. This makes the sweater look like and serves as a scarf. Creative and stylish!

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