5 Trends We Saw at New York Fashion Week 2023

This season’s New York Fashion Week (NYFW) trends were top-tier—different designers brought their art to life in exquisite fashion pieces. The styles and designs that sprawled the stage will take over fashion for the coming seasons. Well, we’re excited to jump on many of these trends. Here are the top five trends that will dominate the fashion world in the following months.

A Trip Back in Time

Fashion geeks will agree with us that the coquette is a trend that has been in existence for a while. We love the hyper-feminine feel that helps women to look attractive and alluring as a result of the confidence that these fits give.

Courtesy: Hypebae

The new modern coquette trend will take over fashion. Designers are trying new pieces, exploring new ideas, and combining bolder designs like silhouettes and athleisure to enhance the hyper-feminine look. 

Blissful Outfits

This trend is all about shining the spotlight on specific clothing pieces with dope designs. This trend will be hot on the shelf as they provide a sense of serenity and easiness while simultaneously bringing out the bold in women.


The leisurely decadence trend is taking fashion to retro undergarments, spicing them up with bows and designs to give a luxury feel. Designers who have tried their hands on it know where they are headed as they take us past fashion.

Different Pieces to Make Art

The sheer trend has come to stay. This time, the trend is giving everyone a say- you can make any statement you intend to make with your outfit. You can show off a little skin or keep things plain with sheer movement. 

Courtesy: Byrdie

Clothing stores will stock their shelves with this trend this season. Different styles have been spotted, and designers are ready to kill more fashions with their creative minds. Well, don’t forget your accessories.

A Walking Color Palette 

The color-blocking trend has brought out the artistic skills that hold a place in the minds of designers. Recently, colors like baby pink have taken over the fashion world, and people are ready to wear it boldly. You’re not the quiet luxury type? Here’s your surest bet!

Courtesy: Byrdie

This season, designers are prepared to use radiant colors to draw attention and leave a statement in the places you walk into. The color-blocking trend will grace the shelves for a while; you should be ready to walk down the streets like a beautiful color pallet.

From Minimalist to Exquisite 

One beautiful trend gracing the NYFW is the art of bold details. These styles hint that the barest minimum can be turned into class in the fashion world. Designers have slowly attached avant-garde waistlines and bogus blazers to the shelf. 

Courtesy: Byrdie

All you need to do is change the size and proportion while toning up your look with the right smirk. This season, weird is becoming the new typical, and things are ready to go wild in the fashion world. 

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