These Peculiar Red Boots Have Taken Over The Internet, Here is Why

If you follow the latest news from the fashion world, you have probably seen these chunky red boots. They are the latest Internet fad, but like most trends these days, these shoes are kind of weird. They look just like the boots from Astroboy, and they do not seem to be very flattering or even easy to put on. So, why is every celebrity and influencer wearing them? Here is all you need to know about the MSCHF’s big red boots.

Where did they come from?

When New York Fashion Week comes around, you know that a weird trend will emerge. As you can see, 2023 was no exception. This year’s chosen clothing item was the Big Red Boot, created by MSCHF.

Everyone Is Wearing MSCHF's Big Red Boots
Image courtesy of WWD

The Internet got obsessed over these shoes almost immediately, and for a good reason! They might look cartoonish, but they are part of a much bigger trend pushing fashion to see the line between art and nonsense.

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