Dopamine Glam Is The New Clean Girl: Here’s How You Can Hop On This Trend

In the era of ever-evolving social media platforms and immersive digital experiences, a captivating trend has emerged, getting the attention and curiosity of individuals seeking to embrace the essence of pleasure and fulfillment. Welcome to the realm of ‘Dopamine Glam,’ an online trend that has recently gained momentum. This captivating trend, rooted in the science of brain chemistry and human psychology, revolves around ditching the conventional ‘clean-girl’ makeup and opting for more items that kindle happiness and joy. Want to brighten your beauty routine? This is everything you need to know about Dopamine Glam!

What Is Dopamine Glam?

This recently emerging trend revolves mainly around embracing one’s imperfections and ditching orthodox makeup practices.

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It’s more like “whatever you have handy” sort of makeup that emphasizes feeling happy with what one’s got rather than feeling attractive but not content. Yes, it is anti-trend by all means, and it uses a lot of colors!

Minimalistic Blush That Does Not Overpower Your Natural Looks

Tiktoker Tilly Ferrari is all in on this trend and suggests more underrated makeup products and shades like an orange blush; it can give incredible results when paired correctly with your skin tone or some tan.

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Furthermore, they lay a greater emphasis on your eyes and the eyeshadow, which can be of a darker color to make your eyes stand out from the rest of your face.

Punchy Lipstick Shades Might Make A Comeback This Summer

If you are looking for more avenues to get deeper into this emerging trend of Dopamine-Glam, consider investing into a good lipstick with a candy shade.

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Vibrant, punchy lipstick shades might make a massive comeback this summer along with the Dopamine Glam trend, and shades like orange and coral will become trendy once again.

A Pastel Shade Lip-Balm Might Do The Trick

If you are instead looking to ease your way into this pool one toe at a time, then slightly bland shades of lipsticks or rather lip balms can also be a nice way to get started with this trend.

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A slightly orangish shade of lip balm eases you into the culture of “feel-happy makeup” and doesn’t stand out too much for everyone to stop and stare.

There’s No One-Size-Fits All!

Everybody is unique, just like your beauty products. Even if you want to try out this new trend of minimalistic makeup that makes you feel good about yourself, you feel comfortable experimenting and trying out new things until you finally find the style that compliments your looks the best.

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Don’t stick to the cliches; after all, that’s the entire point of coming up with a makeup style that defies the conventional norms of “Clean-Girl” makeup!

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