Forget Hair Extensions, Here Are Effective Ways to Make Your Hair Healthier and Longer

Who doesn’t want long and healthy hair? Even if you fancy layered bob cuts, you don’t want it looking thin. However, we speak for everyone when we say trying to grow long hair can be a frustrating wait. The truth is that your hair can’t grow longer than your gene allows. But there are effective tips to enhance your hair length and texture. Here are five tips to grow your hair naturally and quickly.

Your shampoo and conditioner

Washing your hair too frequently can cause the loss of much-needed nutrients. It’s also important to use a shampoo that suits your hair needs. You don’t need an anti-dandruff shampoo if you want a nourishing treatment.

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Conditioning your hair after washing is equally vital. Conditioners lock moisture and prevent hair breakage caused by dryness. You should look out for nourishing, lightweight, sulfate-free conditioners for the best effects.

Your diet is key

Diet and hair growth are more related than you think. What you eat plays a role in how well your hair grows, and some food items enhance hair growth.

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Incorporate foods rich in amino acids like beans, nuts, broccoli, whole grains, salmon, avocado, and keratin-rich foods like whole grains, fish, and chicken. While these foods don’t double your hair length overnight, they help it grow fuller and longer.

Trim your hair

How can cutting your hair makes sense when you want it to get longer? However, this counterintuitive tip effectively enhances hair health by avoiding damaging factors.

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Trimming your hair is a sure way to eliminate breakage and split ends. When you don’t trim off split ends, the breakage can go up your hair shaft, damage more hair strands, and reduce volume. So, trimming your hair is like pruning off dead leaves to enhance the others.

Be gentle, your hair is fragile

When your hair is wet, do not drag your brush through the tangles. Starting at the bottom, brush your hair gently until you get to the root. However, over-brushing your hair can weaken it.

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To detangle your hair and enhance hydration, use a weekly hair mask that nourishes the hair with ingredients like avocado. Furthermore, wrap wet hair in a microfiber hair turban and avoid tugging or rubbing it. 

Protect your hair

While some methods work by making your hair grow faster, others work by preventing damage. Styling your hair with heat does more harm than you know. That’s why using a heat protection spray when heat-styling is important.

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Another vital way to protect your hair is using a silk hair wrap overnight to reduce breakage. Also, you could wear a hat or tie your hair back on windy days to avoid having tangled and frizzy hair. You could also use silk scarves.

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