From Little Women To Friends, These Movies Give Us Amazing Fall Outfit Ideas That We Can’t Wait To Try

Fall is a season to show off your cozy fashion sense and ‘cool’ girl style. While there are many sources of fashion inspiration, we can’t deny our love for some of our favorite onscreen characters. Movies and TV shows taking place in the autumn season offer some of the best outfit ideas. Here are our five favorite looks we can’t wait to recreate this fall.

Bloom and Aisha’s outfit in Fate: The Winx Saga

This Netflix movie has given us many stylish characters; it was tough to pick Bloom and Aisha eventually. Since most of the looks of these characters were based on layering, you can easily recreate them this season.

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We particularly love the warm leather jacket Bloom wore over her purple sweater. We also loved when Aisha rocked blue jeans and a patterned sweater or her varsity jacket. Recreating these looks will earn you more compliments than ever.

Rory Gilmore’s outfits in Gilmore Girls

This list would be incomplete without the mention of Gilmore Girls, which features several fall outfits. However, what we love most is that it’s not just about layering. The layers were also uniquely ordered. Which of Rory’s outfits was your favorite?

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The leather jackets she started wearing when she went to Yale can be easily found at your local thrift store. You could also recreate her cozy outfits with long sleeves, a jacket, and a scarf. We also love where she wore a sweater over a turtleneck and spiced it up with a leather jacket.

Amy’s outfit in Little Women

Little Women holds a special place in our hearts as it shows us the four ladies right from their childhood until they become women. Although their outfits are not of our time, you can stylishly and modernly recreate them.

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Amy’s blue dress, white blouse, and brown corset are some of the major highlights of this movie. You could get a similar blue dress with any sleeve of your choice and pair it with a suitable corset. Lace and ruffles are perfect for fall, so you can find many inspiration looks from the film.

Rachel and Phoebe’s outfits in Friends

The women of Friends wore iconic looks, especially in the fall. Rachel and Phoebe have the most unique styles, so you can easily find an outfit you want to recreate this season.

Phoebe’s outfits are usually more expressive and artistic. Rachel, on the other hand, wears simple but sophisticated clothing. You can wear a colorful jacket and quilted pants for a Phoebe vibe while wearing a plaid mini skirt and turtleneck for a Rachel vibe.

Sabrina’s outfits in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Sabrina’s outfits go beyond the clothes themselves. We love how well she uses accessories to complete her flawless looks. Also, the toned-down colors she incorporates in her outfits scream ‘fall!’

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We love the total package she gave us with her deep red sweater and the black collar underneath it. The leather jacket, red lipstick, and black headband complimented her fall look wonderfully. You could recreate this look with the exact colors and pieces.

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