Timeless Fashion Icons: These Celebrities Have A One-Of-A-Kind Style

Have you ever watched an award show and thought, “Wow, I really want to be like this person”? We have all had celebrity inspirations growing up, and they have probably had a huge impact on our lives and how we dress. While trends come and go, some people are so iconic that their influence on the fashion world remains. People like Jackie Kennedy and David Bowie had such an impact that designers still take inspiration from them. Here are some examples of celebrities who have set their own fashion trends.

Ziggy Stardust

If we are making a list of fashion icons throughout the years, there is no way we can miss David Bowie! His androgynous style was truly revolutionary in the 1970s, but his influence is still alive today.

Image courtesy of Vintage Everyday

His elaborate outfits were always paired with colorful and clean makeup. He loved wearing heels and creating different personas for each of his looks. By the 90s, he adopted a more elegant style that was still true to his beginnings.

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