Satin Isn’t Just for Hair Scarves: Here’s How To Style The Fabric Of The Season

As we welcome cooler temperatures, the priority of every outfit becomes staying warm. Sporting satin helps you stay warm and also look classy. Stylish people across the globe have embraced satin-look pieces, from Kendall Jenner to fashion influencers. It makes any outfit look more expensive, whether it’s a casual jeans-and-blazer for brunch or a tailored suiting moment. Here are five ways to style satin this fall.

Oversized satin shirts

Style an oversized satin shirt with tailored pants for a more formal occasion. Select rich navy, black, or camel pants to make this look more stylish. Light-colored pants make it more casual. 

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Look even more sophisticated by adding a statement necklace. Depending on the length of your silk shirt, you can pair it with high-waisted pants or add a belt to your low-waisted pants. Layer it over a crop top for an effortless cool look.

Slip dress over a tee

A timeless 90s trend that goes well with a satin dress is layering a basic t-shirt underneath. While white tees are typically worn with this trend, you can use other neutral colors like black, brown, or cream. 

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Or, if you love bold colors, throw on a pink, blue, or red baby tee underneath your satin midi dress. This style pairs well with spaghetti strap sleeves, but play with the look in a way that matches your style.

Satin accessories

Satin makes a wonderful accessory, especially when paired with a satin midi dress. A patterned satin headband or scarf will look chic with any outfit, too, so you can wear it all year long. So, how do you style it? 

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You could use a satin scarf to tie your hair into a ponytail for a classic look. Feel free to mix up the colors, too. If you’re wearing an emerald-colored satin dress, pair it with a cream-colored or floral satin scarf.

Satin with heels

Satin material looks very luxurious, making it the perfect style for dressing up. If you want to maintain an elevated look with a satin midi dress, go the extra mile with satin heels. This fabric looks luxe and is perfect for fall occasions.

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Whether you’re attending a wedding, gala, or going on a date, a satin midi dress with matching heels will look incredibly fancy. Plus, the satin material is cooling, so if the venue is warm, you won’t have to give a second thought to sweating too much.

Satin dress with a jacket

If you prefer to layer up your looks but want to maintain a cool body temperature, consider adding a cropped jacket over your satin dress. A cropped blazer, moto jacket, or jean jacket will pair well with your satin midi dress. 

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Depending on your jacket type, your look can be more casual for streetwear or elevated for workwear. This makes the style one of the most incredibly versatile ways to rock a satin dress.

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