Curls With No Damage: Here Are Ways to Curl Your Hair Without Heat

Every girl loves voluminous ringlets framing their face– it’s a classy, versatile look that looks good on anyone. However, getting those bouncy curls by heating your hair with a curling iron or hot blowout brush has been proven to damage hair texture over time. Want to get the same look minus the heat? There are several heatless methods to help you curl your hair effectively. Here are five of them.

Hair Rollers

Your mom used traditional hair rollers for a reason back in the day. However, they are not just a thing of the past. The results are worth looking a little silly. Start by parting your hair and applying a leave-in conditioner. Then, it’s time to use the rollers.

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Grab your hair from the ends, wrap your hair around each roller towards the top, and secure it. Cover with a hair wrap or bonnet and leave overnight. Then, remove the rollers and brush the curls apart with your fingers.

French Twist

If you love effortless waves, this method is your best option. The French twist method isn’t just easy to do; the result is always salon-like.

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Simply twist sections of your hair together in a braid-like manner and then twist them into buns. Pull out the twists after 8 hours, flip your hair, and shake it out to unravel your curls. Make them last with a shot of hairspray.


These popular bottoms aren’t just to wear as pants; they can also help you achieve curls. This method became popular via TikTok, and people with medium to long hair lengths have testified to the amazing results. This method is best for loose curls.

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After parting your hair and applying leave-in conditioner, lay your leggings on your head with the rear behind your head and each part to the side. Take the sections of your hair and wrap each around each side of the leggings, securing it with a soft scrunchie. Let it sit for 2 hours and release.

Curling Headband

This is another method popularized by TikTok. While it’s not entirely a free option, it would only cost you about $20 for a heatless curling kit, which often includes satin scrunchies and a satin-covered foam curling rod.

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Section your damp hair into two and wrap around the rod away from the face, starting from the front section. As you move down the rod, add more hair. Then, secure it with a scrunchie and leave it overnight or until your hair is dry. 


Braiding your hair to achieve curls is one good ol’ method that always delivers great results. Start by combing your hair to eliminate tangles and dividing it into three even sections. However, if you want tighter curls, you could improvise a bit.

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You could make your hair into four or more braids for full-on curls. Secure the braids with an elastic and leave overnight. Undo the braids and apply some hair oil to tame any frizz.

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